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27 Ekim 2017 ( 35 izlenme )

The natural bodily decoration for women

Looking good and admirable by beautifying oneself is is a thing that almost every woman love. As a lady, you might have tried several means and ways to look outrageous and probably you got the outcome of it. There are those who have dark tones and opt to bleach themselves using harsh bleaching effects to improve their tones, others opt to have tattoos and the list goes on. What about having the painless body art using Henna? wonderful! isn't it?
You may wonder what am trying to talk about but upon following me through this article you will probably learn about this amazing body art.

Henna is a paste made from grounded henna leaves from henna tree mixed with a mild acidic liquid such as lemon. The mixture is normally put in expertly made cones ready for easy painting.
The painless body art using henna is simple applicable that anyone can like.The paste is usually applied skillfully on the skin of feet, hands, finger and feet toes which is usually in form of mud to produce amazing designs. Here one can decide on which design will want her paintings to be as there are several designs to choose.

One will have a waiting time of about 15-20 minutes before the Henna dries up completely. The henna paste will give some cracking illusions upon drying. To make the henna appears darker, lemon extract can be applied over the designs to moisten it more to stay and work even longer. The designed area can be wrapped using a polythene paper or medical tape to ensure body heat is maintained thus enabling the henna to produce more color. The medical tape wrap can be worn between 3 to 6 hours before it is removed though there are those who can stay with it overnight. No harm in this.

Immediately it is removed,the design color of the Henna ranges pale to dark orange. It then consistently darkens in 1to 3 days as a result of oxidation. Here the color will turn to reddish brown .These temporary Henna painted designs can last two to three weeks though it durability will depend on the quality of the paste applied and also the body part designed. You can take good care of your henna designs by applying natural oils e.g coconuts and olive oil. Avoid excessive contact with water or scrubbing of the painted areas during bath as these fade off the henna stains.

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