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The Difference Between Perms, Texturizers, and Relaxers

There is a big difference between perms, texturizers and relaxers and making an informed choice in this regard significantly determine the condition of your hair. Perms and relaxers contain much stronger chemicals than texturizers do and more harmful to your hair. A texturizer stays in your hair for a shorter period and applied differently. After application without brushing or combing your hair, the texturizer is left for approximately 10 minutes in hair and rinsed out. Relaxers on the other hand stay for period of 30-45 minutes on hair, depending on the product.

A perm is used with curlers to add curl to the hair, relaxers are combed through hair during the period it is applied to remove all curl from the hair. A texturizer on the other hand adds texture to the hair. Hair that is very curly or kinky will be straighter and bouncy curls with texture are the result with a texturizer. A relaxer is more harmful and many will describe a relaxer as a very strong texturizer. Hair will be completely straight with a relaxer and regrowth of hair is completely different between them.

A perm comes in two forms, acid and alkaline and lasts around 2-6 months and the process takes anything from 2-6 hours. A perm solution is a very close descendant of a relaxer with the same chemicals. A perm can be used to straighten hair and applied in the same manner as a relaxer. The difference between perms, texturizers, and relaxers lays in the fact that one curl, the other adds textured curls and the other straightens. All three contain harmful chemicals, but the texturizer is the healthiest.

The fact that the relaxer is stronger causes regrowth of hair to be curly and kinky. The difference between the regrowth hair and the straightened hair are more noticeable. As the texturizer do not straighten hair completely the growth is less noticeable. Users of relaxers have to do their hair nearly every month, whereas texturizer users do it every few months. Texturizer loosens and defines curls making it more manageable, as oppose to completely removing the curl.

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