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27 Ekim 2017 ( 63 izlenme )

The Benefits of Anti-Aging Retinol Cream

Retinol anti aging cream is a derivative of vitamin A and is one of the best anti wrinkle creams in the market currently. Originally, the cream was used to treat acne because it exfoliates skin and opens up clogged pores on the skin. Having been approved by scientifically, retinol is currently an active ingredient in many skin care products. The vitamin A in retinol is pure and potent in form making it one of the most vital anti aging cream nutrients. The benefits of anti-aging retinol cream include:

The cream penetrates into the skin and provides benefits such as stimulating the production of new collagen. The penetration also causes wrinkles and lines to become smooth. Another benefit is that the moisture and elasticity of skin are increased. This makes your complexion become more radiant as skin damages are repaired with the cream. Retinol belongs to a group of compounds called retinoid. It has a small structure, which enables it to penetrate the outer skin layer and repair the inner layers where collagen and elastin are found.

Retinol attacks free radicals, which cause premature wrinkling and cause instability in skin cells. As the skin ages, production of elastin reduces thus causing the skin to sag and lose its firmness. The retinol cream helps rejuvenate the production of elastin and collagen. This restores the skin's firmness and avoids the sagging.

Retinol can also be converted to retinoic acid in a process that occurs naturally on the surface of the skin. Pure retinoic acid is known to produce better anti aging effects on the skin. Over the counter retinol, cream products restore the skin gradually. However, prescribed retinoic acid reduces signs of sun damage on the skin.

Well formulated creams irritate the skin occasionally when beginning to use it to cause redness and rashes. This is normal and skins usually adjust to the treatment and the benefits begin to be seen. Retinol cream may also increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun so in order to protect your skin from sunburns, it is advisable that you use a sunblock of good quality after applying retinol cream.

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