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The Benefits and Art of Waxing

Waxing is a form of hair removal where hair is completely uprooted. New hair does not grow in the waxed area for about two to eight weeks. Any part of the body can be waxed such as the face, legs, back, eyebrows, bikini area, arms and the abdomen. Different types of waxing exist but all functions to remove unwanted hair. These types include:

1. Strip waxing; done by spreading a thin layer of wax over the skin and pressing a paper strip on top. The paper is then ripped off in the hair growth direction. The wax comes out with the hair.

2. Hot waxing; involves the use of hot wax unlike in the strip waxing. A thick layer of hot wax is applied on the skin. No cloth or paper strips are used. The wax cools and hardens making it easy to remove without the aid of clothes. This method works better for people whose skin is sensitive.

Waxing that is done on sensitive body parts is carried out by an expert who is licensed including cosmetologists and estheticians. However, the eyelashes and eyelids are areas that should never be waxed.

The Benefits and art of Waxing

• Waxing is an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at one go. The hair does not grow back for at least two weeks. Areas that have been waxed several times normally exhibit softer re-growth.
• Waxing is also cheaper as compared to other methods, especially when done at home instead of a professional salon. Waxing can also be done by you thus reducing further costs.
• It is a fast way of removing hair because a large amount of hair is removed at once. The process lasts just a few minutes.
• Given that hair grows back after about two to six weeks before the procedure can be done again, waxing lasts longer than any other method of hair removal.
• The hair that grows back is also much softer than the hair that grows when it is shaved on the surface. 
• Finally, after a period of time, the need for waxing reduces because you tend to have less growth of hair.

Therefore, as you can see waxing is a worthy and cost-effective way of removing hair and should be embraced especially by people whose hair grows at a faster rate.

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