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Synthetic Hair Types and Uses

Synthetichair is artificial hair which is manufactured in factories and mostly used to enhance physical looks. It comes in numerous colors, lengths and types. 
Currently there are various types of synthetic hair which include; weaves, wigs, extensions and hair additions. It is important to note that artificial hair business is evolutionary and with each day, new styles and extensions are discovered. This business has become huge due to the unlimited demand for the products and the ability of the manufacturers to meet the daily needs of their clients. Synthetic hair usually comes in affordable prices that may range from $2 to $4000, depending on the needs of the client.
Celebrities and top profile leaders have embraced this trend by trying to change their physical appearances so as to keep their fans entertained. They use weaves and mostly wigs of different colors and lengths. Secondly, chemotherapy patients and other people suffering from hair loss use artificial hair to disguise their baldness. Also, hair conditions such as thinning can be corrected by use of wigs and weaves. Finally, common women use them to enhance their physical beauty and save on time they would use on tangled natural hair, not forgetting that with artificial hair they get to determine the length, color and style of their hair.
It is important also to note that human hair extensions are made from real people's hair. However, the other types are manufactured from fibers and clients should put ethical considerations when purchasing these products. The most recommended hair is that made from Toyokalon fibre, used in wavy hair styles, and the most popular Kanekalon fibre, used in weaves and wigs. Clients are advised not to keep their extensions, additions and weaves for longer than 3 weeks to avoid damage to the scalp as well as for hygiene purposes.

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